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Uncertainity, change of direction

Uncertainity, change of direction.
If you want to be in the right track, be selfish. When you have supported too many people, you end utterly alone. They took advantage of your innocence while you were supporting them. In the end of the day, you have to take care of yourself, its means cutting off negative individuals who only talk about themselves.
I’m a visual artist, I adore that. I’m finishing my studies but I’m inmerse in depression for all the ungrateful people I have encountered and how poorly I have been treated. I got tired and sick of how the industry is.
I think, I will find a normal job and I will study another thing. I want to travel more and I really want to fall in love with the right person, to have a family and so on. Normal life for me, I have been adventurous since I was born but when there are people obsessed with yourself it’s very dangerous.
I will sell prints and I will do art as a therapy for myself like always did but I will look for another career or xther kind of opportunities.
I still dream with a gentleman out there able to enjoy my kinkiness


Fetish Land

Adicta al Sexo

La ciencia permite que exploremos nuestra sexualidad porque somos seres mágicos y gracias a la energía que evocamos , podemos vivir una sexualidad plena como también destructiva cuando la adicción se apodera de nuestros sentidos.